"i don't produce honey,
my gentle and hardworking
carniolan bees do. we are
beekeepers since 1950."




How it all started


Beekeeping Hrastar was started by our grandfather Anton, back in 1950, with just a single beehive which he received as a present. Ever since, members of the Hrastar family have continued to spread their love of honey, and the family practice of beekeeping. Traditional beekeeping in line with nature, without excessive use of modern technology, is what we believe in and strive for.

We want to keep our business small, and our products accessible to those respecting the bees’ hard work, and the purity of our 100% raw and locally sourced products. 

Our Carniolan honey bees live in their natural environment, far away from urban centres and pollution. Their produce is available in limited quantities only.

Anton always said "Made by my bees, bottled by me."